Time to Veg Out at CannonBall!

As we go on a most excellent adventure for the evening at Express Live, there are a number of comfort foods and drinks available to enjoy throughout the evening along with the CBJ Foundation. Each item has been designed by Cameron Mitchell Premier Events with a twist to match our 80’s theme along with some tasty signature cocktails that will have you singing “Hit Me with Your Best Shot.” Food and drink will be placed around Express Live during the evening in just the right place to continue the conversation while enjoying the 80’s fare. These are just some of the gnarly items in our 80’s potluck style dining:

Signature Drink: Purple Rain


Not So Sloppy Sloppy Joes


Chicken Pot Pie Crustada


Upside Down Pineapple Bites &

Neon Cake Pops


Get Ready to Dance the Night Away with Party on the Moon!

We are pleased to announce this year’s headlining entertainment will be America’s #1 Private Party Band: Party on the Moon! 

This nationally recognized band will have you on your feet and dancing to your favorite 80s beats!  Having performed for everyone from American Presidents to global CEOS, national philanthropists and top dignitaries, Party on the Moon knows how to give their guests a night they will never forget! Prepare to “party on” with this top band as you dance to your favorite 80’s classics on January 16!

Excited for The CannonBall? Make sure to get your tickets here as this event has sold out in the past!

What to Wear

On January 16, we’re going on an excellent adventure to help youth in central Ohio, and we’re bringing back the fearless 80’s glam style.

What does that mean?

Ladies -  think bright, big and fabulous! 80’s women’s fashion was built on colorful and playful outfits with over-sized clothing and big accessories. It’s time to work on your “Barbie” accessories and wear as many things on top of each other as possible.

Hollywood classics like Pretty in Pink and Dirty Dancing are a must watch for fashion inspiration. Consider a fit and flare silhouette that flatters your top figure with the bottom flaring or ruffling out, making it comfortable to eat and dance all night long! But don’t forget the classic shoulder pads and wide shoulder trends. And, if you want to add in converse shoes, that’s fun too! Your accessories will be your B.F.F. with studded belts, lots of bracelets and finger-less gloves. But when in doubt in figuring out your 80’s outfit, always go for a busy look.

And men, it’s time to bring out your Miami Vice suits!

While 80’s fashion for men was a mix of skinny pants, parachute pants (also know as hammer pants), and stone-washed denims, the fashion was all about trying new things, hairstyles and colors! Tom Cruise became America’s sweetheart in the 80’s sporting aviator sunglasses and leather jackets and David Bowie romanticized fashion with his bright lover-boy look with frilly shirts and high-waisted pants. With so much variety you can’t go wrong!

But the biggest thing for both men and women, was BIG HAIR! Time to bring back frizzy, curly and long hair to help kids in Ohio!

As you start accessorizing your outfit for The CannonBall, don’t forget to get your tickets and help the kids in Columbus! To purchase tickets, please click here.  

Get Psyched! It's Time for The CannonBall!

What is it?


The CannonBall presented by American Eagle Mortgage and Bartha will be on Wednesday, January 16th at Express Live.  The CannonBall is a fundraising event that raises money for The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation. This year’s theme is 80s glam celebrating the Columbus Blue Jacket’s most excellent adventure!


What happens at The CannonBall?


The CannonBall is an opportunity to interact with your favorite Columbus Blue Jackets players AND celebrate the impact the Foundation is making in the Columbus community. Our program will feature highlights from our involvement in the community, remarks from Columbus community leaders, and most importantly, reveal how you can help us pave a righteous path to benefit the health and wellness of children in central Ohio.

What can you expect?


The evening promises to be full of surprises. You'll, like, totally enjoy the rad entertainment and all the décor as you’re thrown back in time to the 80’s!

The CannonBall isn't your standard foundation gala – it’s totally gnarly! Jam with Cam, grab a snack with Zach, and have a ball with Bob on January 16th.

Show off your bangin’ 80’s glam attire, grab your B.F.F. and get ready for our most excellent adventure! Get your tickets now.

The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with tax id number 31-1688700. 

Questions? Please call (614) 246-4168 or email us for more information.